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Patient Testimonials

After a minor car accident and subsequent work on the resulting spasms and pain by a Bowen Therapist, I developed chronic neck
pain that was sometimes unbearable. I couldn’t look up nor turn my head fully sideways in either direction. Even keeping my head still
would bring on pain. My doctor sent me for physical therapy, which did not help at all to ease the hurt. After 9 months I asked my doctor
again what I could possibly do. I was so tired of constant pain and the inability to move my head like a normal person.
She asked if I would try acupuncture. Of course I would! I had never tried it before and hadn’t thought of doing it myself! She
recommended Dr. Liu.

After only 2 visits with Dr. Liu I was feeling 85% better and was amazed! Why hadn’t I done this sooner? I continue to go to Dr. Liu, as
my job entails working at a computer all day, and my neck often  feels the effects of the position. She never fails to do her “magic” on
me and make my neck move properly and painlessly! At this point my neck is 98% better, and I am so happy I have been introduced to
acupuncture and Dr. Liu.

It is something most people take for granted, but for me to be able to look up again at a beautiful night sky filled with amazing stars, is

- Maureen R, Bayport

I have been suffering from monthly migraines (lasting anywhere from 3-7 days) for 11 years. I generally would take Relpax, a
prescription drug, at the first sign of a migraine starting. However, if the Relpax was not taken at the beginning, it did not help with pain
management. Also, it is a drug that the body builds immunity towards. The last three years, I had to increase the dosage and lastly,
take the increased dosage along with alternating Excedrin Migraine and Motrin Migraine every four hours. One weekend, I counted
over 72 pills, and I was still sitting in the dark from pain.

My migraines, when tolerable, would create vision problems, facial twitches and slurring of speech. I would turn the lights off at work
and try to sit as still as possible. When the migraines were not so tolerable, I could not move at all and had to remain in bed.

The weekend I counted having taken over 72 pills, I had to take off from work on Monday. I made my appointment with Dr. Liu, who
accommodated me immediately. From that very first session, I was able to keep the migraine to manageable pain by simply taking
the Excedrin for the remainder of the week and eliminating the Relpax. That was November of 2014.

My migraines are no longer predictable. I do not get them monthly, and if I do get a headache, or begin to feel a migraine coming on, I
can stop to with just one dose of Excedrin or Motrin. In a little over a year of acupuncture, I have taken proscription medication only
twice for my migraines.

Dr. Liu always asks about my pain and how it is changing, if it is there at all. She asks about my general well-being and how it relates,
or not to my headaches. Thanks to Dr. Liu and acupuncture, I am no longer a regular at the drug store or my general practitioner and I
have relieved my body of so much unnecessary medications.

- Angela C

I went to acupuncture because of issues with infertility. When I first came my husband and I have been trying for 20 months. I have tried
hormone medication & insemination at a fertility clinic, nothing was happening. Every month added more stress and disappointment. It
was starting to get unbearable.  My stress was so high I had trouble sleeping and would cry easily.

After my first visit I instantly felt my stress decrease. I noticed my job / my life being easy and not stressful. I was more tired but it felt
good. I have tried anxiety meds when I was younger – nothing compared.

I went to Dr. Liu at the end of my period. At the same time I also started listening to Fertility (Pregnancy) Guided Imagery. My first
ovulation cycle during acupuncture I got PREGNANT!  It’s still early but it happened. I strongly believe acupuncture was a huge factor. It
helped so much with stress. For the first 3 weeks of acupuncture I have never felt so relaxed in my life. This is something I want part of
my life from now on.

- Kimberly H, Patchogue

Multiple sclerosis – I was sleeping 20 out of 24 hours a day, arm weakness, I would fall asleep eating. I had to have someone take
care of me, I could not work.

After acupuncture, I am on no medicine for M.S. I work full-time. I finish school with a degree in accounting while working. I now live in a
condo on my own.

I am an active 50+ yr old. My doctor says that I ‘will’ myself not to get sick. I contribute my active life style to my acupuncture. I am a
“lifer” & know when I miss my treatments, so I do not.

I have had over the years, small “illnesses” that I have mentioned to Dr. Nina, with a few extra needles or herb supplements, I feel much
healthier. Examples are pre-menopausal symptoms, head colds, and pain management.  I have a vascular necrosis which causes hip
pain due to treatments for my M.S.. I was told 7 years ago I would need a hip replacement in 5 years. To this day, I still have all my
original parts & no sign of surgery in the future. I have recommended patients with M.S. & got “thank-you’s” from people as they were
also at their wilts end with meds not working. Nothing will interfere with my treatments – weather, vacations, nor any illness.

- Denise B, Ronkonkoma

I was prescribed ibuprophen 800 mg muscle relaxants – Flexeril, Melaxicam – for an injured back – bulging and herniated discs. I was
in so much pain I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t stand for any periods of time and even sitting was a problem. I was unable to work,
housework, normal activities.

I have gotten relief from acupuncture. I sleep much better. I can sit and stand for longer periods as from before. Acupuncture has
definitely helped.

Dr. Liu is wonderful. She has helped me manage my pain and discomfort with acupuncture. She has made me fell physically and
mentally more relaxed because of her treatments – I think she is such a kind and competent doctor. I have never had acupuncture
before and was happy with my first experience with her. She explained to me from our first visit, some people may experience
immediate relief, others longer, because it has accumulative reactions. It took me several treatments but it has worked for me. I have
recommended Dr. Liu to several people and will continue to do so.

- Jean L, Bayport

I began treatment with Dr. Liu in May of 2012, after a cortisone shot did not help with the pain in my right knee, several months before.
Dr. Liu is nothing short of a miracle worker. In only a few treatments, my pain was subsiding and I was able to get off the Advil I had
been taking every day for pain. Although I was cured of the pain completely in less than two months, I stayed on for acupuncture
treatments with her for my existing allergies and asthma, that would revisit me every October. That October, in 2012, I did not get my
usual asthma attack and coughing that would last until January. I was thrilled.

I try to maintain my health by seeing Dr. Liu monthly, if I can, and when something triggers an allergy attack or pain, I resume a more
aggressive treatment until symptoms subside.

I truly believe in her skills and capability to treat all ailments that respond to acupuncture treatment, and highly endorse her
qualifications as a caring professional in her field.

- Linda V

I have come to Broadway Acupuncture for different reasons, first for anxiety & insomnia, then for severe stiff neck and mid back
muscle ache and tightness; and pain. Immediately after treatment for pain, tightness and anxiety and insomnia, I felt 80% better.

Insomnia & anxiety was affecting my career and entire life. I was exhausted, nervous over anything and no energy. I didn’t even want to
drive. Back/neck pain was so bad I had to call in sick at work.

I truly do not like to use medications unless necessary and I always explore alternative medicine when possible. It’s truly amazing how
acupuncture works and heals the body, as opposed to using a “band-aid.”

By using acupuncture, I sleep well, feel well, and have an abundance of energy. It changes my whole outlook on life and my life
experience in general.

Dr. Liu is a God-send. She is kind, patient, caring, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. At times I have needed a treatment
right away due to awful back pain, and she has opened the doors for me to come in even on a day she is closed. It has made all the
I am so happy she is opening an office in Stony Brook because I will be moving soon to Rocky Point. Even if she didn’t open it, I am
willing to travel to Holbrook for her services.
I think everyone should give acupuncture a try for the many ailments it can treat/cure, as opposed to most drugs that put a temporary
band aid, and do not cure, but have side-effects. Acupuncture has no side-effects. Even for an occasional treatment of a wellness visit,
an extra boost in energy, vitality - I recommend it.

Oh I also want to mention. Tow years ago, I came down with shingles. I didn’t know it would treat it as well. After only 3 visits, the pain,
blisters were completely eliminated. I used no medication or other modality! I have had family and friends that have had residual nerve
pain for months, even a year later with medication.

- Maria C, Rocky Point

Have bad back pain which was diagnosed as sciatica. Pain running thru left buttock and down left leg. Was taking Advil and went to
chiropractor for 2 months. After that treatment did not work, he suggested acupuncture.

I have not been able to do a lot of the physical things I did before. I need to ask for help or to have someone do what I could once do by

The pain has lessened considerably since doing acupuncture. When I first started I could not even bend over or raise my leg to tie my
shoes. I still get twinges of pain but it is not bad and have not taken any Advil recently.

This biggest change is with exercise. I used to walk 4 miles per day and use weights at the gym which I now can’t do. I have gone back
to walking but not as far and not fast walks.

I had never used acupuncture before and was very skeptical. Dr. Liu explained how acupuncture works and about her credentials. I
have been very surprised that it really does work. And if anybody has the same problem as me, I would definitely recommend that they
try acupuncture. And I would recommend they go to Dr. Liu. She is a very kind and caring person who really does want to help people.

- Theresa S

Chronic lower back pain could be overwhelming and disrupt my day. I tired chiropractic, medications, and different stretches to no
It would change my day to day activities because I knew that I would have to deal with pain. It altered my mood negatively.

After acupuncture, Pain has dramatically decreased and, at times, been absent, very relieved feeling. I am able to move around more
freely without pain and am able to enjoy a normal day of activity without discomfort.

Dr. Liu is very kind and gentle with her treatment. It has been a wonderful experience with acupuncture and with Dr. Liu.

- Peter S

Back pain, neck pain, low energy, sinus, headache, tension, and knee pain brought me to Broadway Acupuncture.

I was unable to host family get together, and go on outings with friends.

After acupuncture, Much letter! Headaches and back pain gone. Less tension, more energy. I am hosting and social again.

Dr. Liu is very passionate and understanding. She listens! Overall, I am feeling great and back to myself.

- Karolyn K

Severe tendonitis pain in shoulder, 14 acupuncture treatments – pain gone. That was 10 years ago – pain never returned.

I refused all medications – take acupuncture when I need to.

Acu. has not cured arthritis in hands but relieves symptoms greatly.

Feel less pain – Dr. Liu has a very calm, caring and professional way about her. I Highly recommend her as a fine acupuncturist!

- Anne M

Vertigo – medication - vertigo heel - 3× day - under tongue - Dyazide 93d - to keep fluid out of ear - head & neck, exercise aid
balance therapy. Could not drive – not able to go out - fell on floor often, afraid to climb stairs

After acupuncture, Able to go about normal life, still take vertigo heel and do exercises. More comfortable life - able to drive - go out
with friends, drive car - lead a full life

Dr. Liu is excellent. She is now treating me for improvement in my immune system since I have cancer. She still treats me for vertigo. I
have not had a vertigo attack in 5 years. We pray she will have a long and healthy life. She has given me my life back

- Joan T, Levittown

Tried Gabapentin (Neurontin), Trigeminal, Neuralgia, Cymbalta, and Tylenol. Nothing worked
No words can describe how terrible life was with this pain. My family suffered with me.

Acupuncture has made life much, much better (and no more pain.)

Life has improved tremendously, and the pain is gone, with acupuncture!

Dr. Liu is a wonderful person who really cares about her patients. She is gentle and precise when she gives the acupuncture and the
needles are painless. I would recommend acupuncture and Dr. Liu to my relatives and friends - who are experiencing pain. Thank you,
Dr. Liu and acupuncture.

- Louise M, Hicksville

Due to menopause I was having difficulty sleeping. Also certain cold medicines can make me jittery and cause insomnia.

I was always a great sleeper, so I was not happy to have issues with insomnia. I did not want to take medication, so I sought other
avenues for treatment.

Once I started acupuncture, within a few sessions I was sleeper longer and deeper. I felt like my old self. I feel more restful and relaxed.

Dr. Liu is a caring person and excellent acupuncturist. Her offices are clean. I feel by receiving acupuncture it has enhanced my quality
of life, with no medication.

- Annmarie B

Vertigo - It prohibited me from playing sports at school.

After acupuncture, my vertigo has subsided and I no longer have symptoms. I am able to participate in school sports.

Dr. Liu made many treatments comfortable and she was very flexible. As well as treating my vertigo, she has decreased the frequency
of my headaches. Dr. Liu is accommodating and provided the care I needed to cure my vertigo.

- Emily H, Holbrook

I suffer from polyarthritis nodosa, fibromyalgia, sarcoidosis, arthritis for over 15 years. I have been on prednisone, methotrexate,
remicade, gabapentin, sulindac, methocarbamol, alere, among others nothing controls the pain during the night.

I have no social life because I can’t walk, run, or sit for long periods of time without getting anxious, it has affect my relationships
because I can stay focus on haring a nice time get irritable quickly.

Since I started acupuncture therapy I have been able to stop taking the medications and have energy, I can function during the day,
which is so important to me.

I am able to go for walks, stay focus during conversations and less anxious around people. It has given me my life back.

I do not use the walker any longer, my balance is coming back, the spasms have diminished a lot and the most important thing for me
is that I am getting my memory back, inflammation is under control and I wish someone at the VA had suggested this alternative
medicine sooner, it is a life changer. Dr. Liu is excellent in her profession. When I talked to other people about their experiences they
have not experience my results, I tell them to come and see Dr. Liu because she gave me relief the first day she saw me and I continue
to improve. Thank you, Dr. Liu for your work.

- Eloisa C, Patchogue

Cervical spine injury due to car accident. Have had surgery and taken pain meds plus injections  
But nothing helped.

Pain and struggles doing every day things especially with kids.

I feel better after acupuncture, I feel it’s helping me.

Well, I’m still taking thing very easy, but my mood is better and I feel positive effects from the acupuncture.

Dr. Liu has been fantastic and I look forward to going to acupuncture every week. Some days I don’t feel that great, but the good is
starting to out weight the bad a little. I’d like to continue coming for a long time. Dr. Liu knows what she is doing and I trust her doing
the acupuncture on me.

- Amanda M, Patchogue

Severe back pain, I have had 3 major back surgeries, and I am in more pain now, than before. I have had acupuncture with 3 doctors. I
don’t have an active life because of the pain.

I feel great after each session! Less pain, more movement. I am able to socialize with friends and family comfortably.

Dr. Liu - She is an angel! When I leave the office after treatment I am able to sit or stand longer so I am able to visit friends and have
minimum pain. Whereas, before treatment, it was very difficult to do these things.

- Lawanda H, Ronkonkoma

Fell and hurt my back with bad pain down left leg. Unable to do my everyday activities or with my friends and family.

The pain in my left leg is 99% gone and I do not take any medication. I am able to do my everyday activities and spend time with my
family and friends by using acupuncture.

Help me to be pain free. I have told all my friends and family about Dr. Liu and acupuncture.

- Claire S

Back, neck and joint pain and problems brought me to Broadway Acupuncture. It affects everything that I do. Do not sleep well, can’t
participate in hobbies anymore, etc.

After acupuncture, I generally feel better and have been sleeping better. I do not take pain meds. I get around better.

It has also helped with some of my digestive issues.

- K. C.

Neuropathy in hands and feet often chemotherapy. Did not take any medications because of side effects. I also experienced light

I have not been able to walk comfortable because of lack of feeling in my feet. I have not been able to do sewing etc. because of my
hands. I am much more sedentary than I used to be.

My hands have greatly improved and my feet are less much feeling. I can walk without my cane more than before. I feel more
energetic. My dizziness is gone.

I find the treatment very relaxing. When I miss an appointment I definitely feel the difference. I was told by a neurologist that the
symptom would never go away. I feel now that they are at least coming under control.

Dr. Liu is professional, understanding, and very gentle. I’m happy to have found her!

- Helene C

Pain in my back and down my right leg, I have been to the chiropractor and taken pain meds. Due to the pain I could hardly sleep or
move without great discomfort.

After less than 3 acupuncture treatments I feel much less pain, and after a month there is hardly anything.

Now I can do my daily chores and ride my horse without continuous pain. I do feel a sense of overall wellness. I am more relaxed and
have more energy.

- Bernaditto C

Terrible, painful acne. Painful and terrible look on my face

It had been getting better with time slowly but continuously improving. More happy by using acupuncture.

My acne has disappearing and getting better. Less painful. No more anxiety either.

- Danielle C, Riverhead

Back pain – take Tylenol. Unable to walk very far

After acupuncture, Less pain - able to do more. Enable me to take part in family activities

Dr. Liu is a lovely person who cares deeply for her patients. Each visit is a relaxing and caring experience.

- Anna M, E. Patchogue

Left shoulder, lower back pain (2013-14), (2015-16), right shoulder and right knee pain. Tried physical therapy, surgery, and pain
medications (OTC, etc.)

Permanent disability due to back and knee injury. Retired as a police officer. Unable to perform simple tasks for many years.

Symptoms have been relieved since acupuncture, now able to do more without constant pain. Only take OTC medications

Able to do more work and not as grumpy or short tempered, also able to perform my martial arts and exercise program again.

Dr. Liu is so kind and understanding and she treats the entire body (Qi) and not just the injured areas, the treatment not only helps the
pain, it increases my movement and flexibility and is very relaxing.

- Wayne B

My particular pain was at its worst when I would roll over in bed and when I would first sit up after sleeping and take a deep breath.

The affect the pain in my back was noticeable when I would get up and walk to people, hug friends / relatives etc. I began to fear
meeting new people.

After acupuncture, I have noticed more range of motion, some carpal tunnel symptoms left, and a small but greater or increased
response of senses.

I am happier because my immediate pain is gone. I do tend to forget and slip into bad habits and lay on my side incorrectly from time
to time.

There were no surprises when I went. She (Dr. Liu) described the process to me from start to finish. Sometimes while receiving my
treatment, I do not want to get up. I feel a comfort like no other.

- Andrew M, Holbrook